I promise…

….to keep this blog thing going, to keep it fresh and not entirely self-referential. This blog will not be like all those diaries I started in grade school. Inevitably I would write a few entries and lose my enthusiasm for the form. Most often my excuse became – “nothing is happening. “ I wanted an exciting life. I wanted a shrouded, secret life where I would need to learn a foreign language. You know, cloak and dagger and intrigue. Yeah.

The thing is that I suck at learning languages.

It’s funny because I read back over those boring diary entries and wish I had more to consume. I want to remember more about how it felt to have a secret admirer in sixth grade, but then the crushing disappointment when it turned out to be another girl.

I digress. Here in this new blog I will shelter under the broad descriptive umbrella of LIFE with stuff about writing and my day in and day out.

Etc. will be everything in the cracks, that falls in-between.

Did you know that et cetera is an old word? Websters dates it to 1597.

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