Submission to VQR

For the acronym challenged, that is Virginia Quarterly Review, one of the best. My new theory is to start out with the top tier publications when I have a great piece of writing — that way I am not really expecting to be accepted, and the rejection can be softened with well, it is VQR afterall.

All this being said, I can’t stop obsessively checking my status. Damn these electronic submissions. I just sent another story to Rosebud, but that is all snail mail so I will just have to daydream and wait for my S.A.S.E. (oh, the acronym challenged – that is Self Addressed Stamped Envelope). Anyway, today my VQR submission is as follows:

“Nightmares and Fireflies
This poetry submission, which you provided to us 3 days ago, is currently under review by VQR.”

I guess that means it is being read. My understanding is that a quick turnaround means no with this group. Yet, this note left me feeling sad:

“Because of a backlog in accepted work in poetry and nonfiction, VQR will be closing submissions temporarily, beginning on January 2, 2009. We’ve accepted a year’s worth of poems and essays, and it’s just not fair to writers for us to continue soliciting work in those genres. We’ll begin accepting poetry and nonfiction again when our regular reading period begins again on September 1, 2009.”

Yes, they’ve accepted a year’s worth of stuff already. So, even if they like something they will be hard pressed to find room for it anywhere.

Oh well, I will go check the mail slot now.

One thought on “Submission to VQR

  1. Actually, there’s no benefit to checking your submission’s status obsessively—the moment that it’s accepted or declined, we’ll notify you by e-mail, automatically. So you may now proceed to check your <>e-mail<> obsessively. 🙂BTW, I'm working on the Appalachian Trail, too. Though I'm a bit farther along than you. 🙂 I've done GA->NY and NH->ME, with the little-bitty states of CT, MA and VT still to come. The first 1,331 miles came in one swell foop, but the rest is being made up 200-mile dribs and drabs.


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