Dear January,

You are a strong, proud month named after the Roman god Janus. You are the god of beginnings and endings — you hold the key, and usher us all through the doorway of a new year. I like you, even though you can be cold, you are a passionate month full of ups and downs. So, there. Bring me some good news, please.

It is a slow, slow day today. It certainly has the holiday feel. Thank goodness AW is back up and running, a nice place to go to keep the boredom at bay. I just realized I won’t be getting any mail today which makes me sad. I keep hoping to hear back from Rosebud. I mean, I paid a whole shiny dollar for that reported 45 day response time. I want my money’s worth.

In other news that does not really surprise me, nor anyone who has met the black and white devils I call my cats:

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