Please stand by….

Last week a series of ills fell upon my electronic devices.

First, my computer became very ill. A “hole” in the Internet Explorer security (I loathe you MS) allowed a malicious program to infiltrate my computer. It caused a version of computer cancer that wrecked havoc with many of the critical systems. Fortunately I was able to lift off my writing, photos and even some music before things got really ugly. After many resuscitation efforts my computer was declared FUBAR and I planned to reformat the hard drive and reinstall windows. I know, the prospect made me nauseous.

So, I spent days searching for the disk that came with my computer to do all this. Finally I called Dell. My service agreement had long ago expired but they agreed to rush me all four disks I would need for this operation. The woman on the phone also gave me detailed instruction on how to try a PC Restore (different than a system restore in case you were wondering). So, this worked. My computer is healed. Programs are reinstalled, and it only took nary an hour. It felt like a miracle. Thank you Dell for agreeing to help me without even asking for a dime. I heart you.

The other electronic trauma occurred when my washing machine broke down, mid cycle and refused to drain out all the water. When the hubby had no luck I called a local repair man. He came out Tuesday and I was sure it was going to be, “we’ll need to order this part…” No, not at all. He sheepishly appeared in the family room holding a 4 inch metal wire.

Do you see where this is going?

“I think this is from your bra. It was lodged in the motor,” he said. So, the clothes washing can now continue. But, yes, the embarrassment will linger on.

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