Spirits are up at the start of this new week in a new month. I just sent out a new round of queries. Half went electronically and I will be heading out to the post office with a batch to ship off in the mail. It is nice to have the hope of something new.

The groundhog saw his shadow. No surprise here. Winter is sure to last more than six weeks here in Ohio. Only six more weeks until our spring getaway. I dream of the beach….

I was cleaning up my office and found a great book hidden in the stacks of paper and junk. Art & Wonder: An Illustrated Anthology of Visionary Poetry. The book combines poems with works of art, some pairings expected and some that reveal new ways to see or read each work and its theme. Wendell Berry meets Henri Matisse, Juan Ramon Jimenez meets Marc Chagall, Arthur Rimbaud meets Vincent van Gough. There is the beautiful juxtaposition of Walt Whitman’s “Grand is the Seen” paired with the cobalt, grinning image of the Sphinx of Amenhotep III.

I love this book, it is truly a feast for the eyes and mind, and it reminded me of a favorite quote:

“I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the
heart’s affection and the truth of imagination”

-John Keats

How wonderful in the spirit of February.

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