secret agent

Miss Snark’s First Victim is having the Secret Agent Contest this week. Sixty entries are now posted for comment here.

The rules of the contest are relatively simple: each aspiring author posts the opening 250 words of a completed manuscript. The secret agent will comment on the entries and pick the top three. I believe the decision is made by Monday. The top three win some level of manuscript review.

My entry is post 19. I love constructive feedback, so please feel free to leave a comment. I’ve been reading through the other entries and WOW, very humbling; there are some great ideas and great writers participating. It will be a difficult job for the secret agent to select the best out of this diverse and interesting field of concepts – I don’t envy that person.

AND I might have figured out who it is too. The funny part is that this agent may already be reading my partial. Maybe. I can’t be 100% sure, but wouldn’t that be a riot? ha.

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