the end of the secret agent contest

All weekend I’ve been checking Miss Snark’s First Victim to read the Secret Agent comments and all the entries. I had a feeling, as noted before, that the Secret Agent was an agent with my partial manuscript. Well, I was correct.

Unfortunately the agent passed on my partial manuscript yesterday, but she did include a very nice personal note:

I thought this work was really nicely done. It just isn’t right for me. “

Very classy. She would have been a great agent to work with, but my work just wasn’t a good fit. I’ll admit, at first, the rejection hit me a bit hard. Some days they just roll right off, but I did have a little cry over this one. In the end I know the personal note was above and beyond. It was nice and thoughtful. I am really grateful for even a small acknowledgment that my novel has promise. It makes the unknown, form rejections a little easier to swallow.

The querying agents process leaves me feeling like I’m back in middle school waiting to be picked for the dodge ball team.

My congratulations to all of the winners in the Secret Agent contest. I learned a lot by participating and it was great to be a part of all the excitement.

One thought on “the end of the secret agent contest

  1. partial rejections are tougher than query rejections, aren’t they? we “know” rejections can sometimes be because it’s just not the right fit, but it’s harder to let it roll off when the rejection actually shows up. And yes it’s SO like trying to be picked for a team, except in this case there’s way too many people who want to play 😦keep on keeping on, right? as long as you’re improving and determined not to give up, you WILL make it.


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