wordy wednesday: De Quervain

Main Entry:
de·Quer·vain’s disease
: inflammation of tendons and their sheaths at the styloid process of the radius that often causes pain in the thumb side of the wrist
Quer·vain \ker-vaⁿ\, Fritz de (1868–1940), Swiss physician. The author of a major text on surgery, Quervain was known for his work on the pathology and surgery of the thyroid. He worked also on the prevention of goiter. He described the inflammatory process now known as deQuervain’s disease in 1895.

Source: Merriam Webster’s Medical Dictionary

My own definition:

Current state of my right hand. I wish I could cut off the afflicted appendage, and be rid of the incessant stabbing, biting pain. I can’t sleep, the pain wakes me up. In my dream last night I was hiking in a dark wood and I sat down to rest when my hand became entangled into one of those rusty, jaw hinged old beaver traps. Or muskrat. Hell, I don’t know. Some awful thing that kills small animals.

Oh my God. I wish I could elaborate on the awfulness of this, but I can’t type anymore. It hurts.
Carry on.

4 thoughts on “wordy wednesday: De Quervain

  1. eek, that really sucks–did it just start out of nowhere? My right hand’s been bugging me the last couple of days but it’s the other side of the hand/wrist, and I think I just slept on it wrong. Is there anything you can do for de Quervain’s?Hope you feel better soon!


  2. Thanks!It did start out of nowhere, I woke up with the pain a few days ago. Fortunately, since it is a form of tendonitis it is treatable: ice, ibuprofen, immobilization. I am wearing a really ugly splint right now. The trouble is not using your hand/wrist, particularly your dominant hand. Eating, brushing teeth – all challenging. I am glad it is something that will go away. My hypochondriac brain kept focusing on all the chronic stuff before I went to the Dr.


  3. I am such a stalker but… I am so glad you figured out what the problem is! Tendonitis is a far better diagnosis than bone cancer… I hope that you start to feel better soon! I love you and I miss you 🙂


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