I am long overdue on a blog post. Lots has happened in my world.

I turned one year older on Sunday, and that ushered in a week of the worst sleep I’ve had in some time. For a few days I kept waking up at four o’clock in the morning for absolutely no reason. I tossed, I turned and could not find my way back to sleep. Then my darling son decided to preempt me on Wednesday and arouse at three thirty in the morning and scream inconsolably for a some indefinite period of time. Time does tricky things at that hour, stretching out and around you like a scratchy wool sweater. Finally we watched a Baby Einstein video, and boy, more than usual it was a real blast. Good times.

Last night was the first good night of sleep I’ve had all week and I woke this morning feeling like a new person. It is amazing how much you take sleep for granted until it is elusive and you need it as desperately as those sad people on Intervention need their booze, drugs, shopping, gambling, sex, etc.

I’ve spent way too much time this week trying to setup my new ipod, my first ever ipod because I am tragically un-hip, and way too little time writing. Everything feels fuzzy right now with my new work. I wrote a scene and realized that maybe it wasn’t my new character or anything to do with this book. What is it then? Another book? A short story? I have no idea. I guess I will have to just write it out and see where it takes me.

One of my writing groups meet this weekend. I am supposed to arrive prepared to share my longterm writing goals. This is proving harder than I would have imagined. Maybe I will just make something up, I do write fiction after all.

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