2009 – the year of the rant?

Recently, there has been a flurry of rants and confessional postings that examine the relationship between writers, agents, and publishers. Some of this has been thoughtful and constructive. Of course the most incendiary writers garner heaps of attention, and the agentfail fiasco along with rants on the “talent killing” agents have shown the ugly side of accumulated rejection.

It is a shame too, because the grain of truth that sits at the bottom of some of these arguments gets lost. Thus, the whole idea of thinking about how the industry is changing and the way traditional roles might also change in the process gets overlooked. All because some bat-shit crazy writer got themselves puffed up full of self-entitlement. A note to you (you know who you are) – thanks for nothing.

The industry is changing and everyone will have to adjust to the brave new world of publishing. I was fascinated to read a post today by David Hewson on ways that might take shape. In that weird way that linking around works I found my way at HarperStudio where I learned about the “Are you the Next Mark Twain?” contest to complete the unfinished story “Conversations with Satan.” The deadline is May 31 in case you are interested. I love the idea of this, it reminds me of an assignment I had in seventh grade to rewrite the ending of “The Lady and The Tiger.” My twist was particularly dark. It probably went into my permanent file somewhere.

Great transition just now, in case you didn’t notice it – hold on.

In my wanderings around the Internet I also stumbled across a great view and personal account of the other side of the querying hurdle – success, well sort of. Sarahbeth Purcell shares her journey in nine parts on “The Great American Novel.” Beautiful writing and a deeply moving account of her journey.

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