sign of the times

Okay, so this has absolutely nothing to do with writing, reading, or anything even pretending to be intellectual.

This is a post about Barbie.

I was watching the news last night, to check and see if the swine flu had transported us all into Stephen King’s THE STAND yet, when I saw a feature story about Barbie.

Yeah, you know the broad with the impossibly big boobs, tiny waist, long blond hair and feet that are forever flexed due to fifty years of high heels? Well, she has stirred up a new controversy for herself recently.

Cue the lights, here comes

Totally Stylin’ Tattoo Barbie!

She comes with a series of tattoos that can be applied to her plastic skin. This has made some parents really angry, and if you google “tattoo barbie” you will find many a rant and complaints that this doll and concept is inappropriate for children.

Here are some photos, lifted from The Examiner, that show Barbie with her new ink:

The thing is that no one should be surprised that Barbie has a “tramp stamp” now. I mean, look at her – she has always been a bit slutty, let’s be honest. Plus Barbie is tragically hip now, she has her own blog and is on facebook.

If parents are going to be upset about something it should be that Barbie promotes a body image for young girls that is unrealistic and impossible to attain. Or, what about that stamp above the tattoo that shows us that she was made in Indonesia? I’m betting the people who worked in that factory didn’t get paid a livable wage.

A tattoo? Jesus, everybody has those now. Not me, but practically everyone I know my age has one or two (apparently they are addictive because many people have a few). I find this whole controversy highly ridiculous. Be outraged about the crippling self-esteem issues you load on your young daughters, not the small marks of rebellion on a doll’s skin. Be outraged about the pervasive corporate imperialism that takes advantage of poor countries to supply labor to churn out these plastic little beauties.

Get your head out of the prudish sand.

2 thoughts on “sign of the times

  1. Well said. Barbie has always ticked me off, from a very early age. The idea of giving girls little images of an impossible ideal they’re somehow supposed to become is just a tiny bit sick to me.


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