away, far away

Getting ready to leave for a vacation to San Diego so I won’t be checking in here until June. Hopefully I will be back with some good news, or in the very least some beautiful photos 🙂

I haven’t been updating anything on the writing/agenting front because, well, I’ve got nothing to update. Right now, I’m waiting to hear back on some requested materials and lots of queries. I keep trying to send good, positive vibes out into the universe. Let’s see if that works.

Work on my new WIP, Riding the Blind, continues at a slow pace. Still, I’m doing lots of plotting, thinking and mulling over these new characters. That is always a good distraction from the “no news is no news” status.

I found a lovely Edgar Guest poem, “My Aunt’s Bonnet” last night that really inspired a scene I am trying to write. Here is the opening stanza that resonated with me and my new work:

They say life’s simple — but I don’t know.
Who can tell where a word will go?
Or how many hopes will rise and fall
With the weakest brick in the cellar wall?
Or how many hearts will break and bleed
As the result of one careless deed?

Source: Edgar A. Guest, Collected Verse of Edgar A. Guest, Chicago: The Reilly & Lee Co., 1940, p. 634.

There is something very “of the earth” about Guest. I like the way his lines remind me of certain style of blues, like Blind Willie McTell and the more hopeful Georgia twang.

Well, off to finish packing. Have a good week everybody.

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