a little conversation

I’ve been struggling lately in regards to querying my book. Struggling because after the initial fun of sending out emails and letters, well, it started to take a toll on my emotional health. The rejection wears you down. I know it isn’t personal, but it sure stings. Confidence, what the hell is that?

Recently I had a talk with my novel. It went something like this –

ME: “So, it might be time to take a break from querying. The responses are just not what we expected.”

BOOK: “What? Are you serious?”

ME: “I know how you feel, but this economy just has everything in some kind of eternal holding pattern.”

BOOK: “But I thought you believed in me? What about QUERY AND CONQUER as our mantra?”

ME: “Listen, I love you. I think you deserve the best, I really do. You are a great book, but what is the point of throwing you out there when the agents aren’t responding?”

BOOK: “But, but… what about NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER?”

ME: “I knew you would take this poorly, that is why I wanted to just talk about it, you know just think about it–“

BOOK: “It is that other book you are working now, isn’t it?”

ME: “You know I’ve started something new, but this doesn’t have anything to do with RIDING THE BLIND.”

BOOK: “I’m NOT going in that trunk. NO, NO, NO!”

Huh. Conversation over and we sent out a few more queries. Lo and behold, early this week I get a SASE envelope containing good news. A partial request from a great agent. Today, TWO full manuscript requests within hours of each other. Now what? I don’t know. Hopes are soaring again despite my best intentions.

My book, of course, is all “I told you so.”

3 thoughts on “a little conversation

  1. congrats on the requests! I feel you with the emotional swings tied to responses. Good job on keeping at it 🙂

    I'm ignoring my novel-on-submission for the moment. I told it we'd talk again once I finished the rough draft of the new novel, but that for now all it can do is wait to see what the responses will be from the agents with fulls.


  2. Congrats. Don't feel weird about your books talking to you. Mine do the same to me all the time, including petty jealousy and anger at the lack of attention. Nice post, thanks for the laugh 🙂


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