a new way to go crazy, part II

Good news! The slash & burn (s&b) continues with some success. I now have successfully reorganized the original material into the new format (three novellas). I have settled on a new title – THE OBSCURITY OF OTHERS.

It comes from this quote:

“We should blunt our sharp points,
and unravel the complications of things;
we should temper our brightness,
and align ourselves with the obscurity of others.”

-Lao Tzu, 4, Tao Te Ching

Each individual novella has its own title as well, Novella One is LOST IN ORDINARY TIME and it is now complete.

Novella two is THE CURIOSITY OF CHANCE and is also now complete. This section has been rewritten from 1st person to 3rd person limited. A bit of work that became more extensive than I had originally intended, but I am thrilled with the shape of the new story. Most notably I was able to strengthen two plot lines that really tie everything together and highlight my theme.

Now I am working on writing the final novella that will comprise the new and improved book. Novella three is titled REQUIEM, written in the 2nd person pov. I have about 2K words written so far out of a planned 20K.

BUT in the meantime I am throwing a whole new complication into my s&b – National Novel Writing Month. (Or NaNoWriMo if you like acronyms) Yes, I’ve signed up to be one of those crazy people who attempts to write a 50,000 word novel in thirty days. My blogging will be sporadic since I plan to spend as much time as possible writing. Wish me luck. I’ve got 1,170 word so far today. I’m hoping to reach 2,000 per day to keep up the pace. I hope to have so many words around me by December that I can go swimming in them 🙂

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