crazy, crazy, crazy (shake your head sadly as you utter these words…)

See how crazy the month of November has made me? I’m telling you how to read AND using adverbs in my title.

I broke 30K on my NaNoWriMo mess. Hooray, but no. Last week or so, some kind of massive evil took over my body in form of a cough, headache and congestion that involved me hacking up things that could rightfully have a place in a bad movie on the Syfy channel. Attack of the green globs!

I’m not going to make it to 50K, the sad reality has dawned upon me. I would have to write nearly 3K per day. See, now that I do the calculations the insipid inspirational, messages those people keep sending me makes me think – MAYBE I CAN DO IT. Maybe I can stop sleeping, cut out one meal a day. I’ve gained a few pounds, this could be a win-win.

But, see the problem with my situation? Right now I should be working on my 3K for today and I’m watching Gilmore Girls.

I hate November. That is all.

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