standing in the wrong bank line

Or, perhaps — more aptly titled – “Don’t follow me.” Maybe I should have that made into a button that I can pin onto my shirt.

I’m using this terrible, overworked image to talk about querying. Yes, you heard me – whisper it with me in that tone of proper reverence – querying agents with my novel.

Except that everyone who has ever strung together thousands of words into a cohesive (or not) sum is also querying a novel right now. The words “deluge” and “overflowing” has been bandied about in the agent blogs. So, great. Now I drift in a sea of queries – hoping that mine will get plucked from the masses. This happened to me before, last year when I started querying the old manuscript. I suppose it has something to do with starting fresh with a new year (not decade!) and sending out work.

Certainly, this problem is not confined to agents. My response times on literary magazines has been working at a slow pace too. Some venues have closed to submissions, trying to stop the flow of what is coming their way.

Now, all I can do is wait. Hoping that this line gets moving and I’m not greeted with a surly teller. Just like when I was little, I’m hoping for a lolly pop at the end. Really.

And, yes, just in case you were curious – I BLOGGED TWO DAYS IN A ROW. For real.

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