I’m Finished!

I am thrilled to announce that over the weekend I finished the first draft of my novel RIDING THE BLIND. Right now the word count is 80,055 words. I expect that number to grow during the revision process as I expand on some key scenes. On Saturday my husband and I went to dinner with some friends and I celebrated with a glass of champagne. There is something about bubbles to really make things feel really special.

Now, I just need to be patient enough to let the manuscript sit before diving into revisions. Perhaps it will ferment into something wonderful…

I think I will use this time to write my query letter and work on a dreaded synopsis. To be honest, I wish I would have thought to use this rest before revision time to work on those selling tools for my first novel. There is something about the process of working through those items that helps me focus on the major themes and plot points. I think I can use that knowledge as a guide to start off the revision process.

But for now – hooray! I feel great.

Photo credit: bfick

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