Week in Review

I’ve had an interesting week.

Last Sunday I broke my foot. There is nothing quite like being 4.5 months pregnant with a broken foot. Nothing quite like the amount of lead they drape over a pregnant woman before they take x-rays, or the joy of chasing after a 2 year old while wearing a super attractive surgical shoe. The good news? It will heal. The bad news? It is painful.

My email account was hacked this week. As if the broken foot thing wasn’t enough to deal with. This is the account I use solely for my writing contacts and career. So, every author, agent, and literary magazine I’ve ever emailed got a message about an online pharmacy and a no doubt nefarious link attached. My apologies to those out there in the publishing world who received this missive from me. Just know that I was horrified. Still am, really. I’ve set up a new account just in case my messages are forever targeted as spam to those that matter. Let this be a word of warning to you writer peeps – change your passwords often. I do a lot of writing at coffee shops and check my email over open access networks. No doubt this played a role in my password being stolen. So, you know, be careful out there. The Internet can be a scary place.

I’m busy getting ready for the Squaw Valley Writers Workshop coming up next week. I can’t believe that I will be leaving on Saturday. I hope to blog about my experiences there.

Here are so interesting pieces I read this week:

“What took you so Long?” by Susanna Daniel in Slate. Here is the opening paragraph:

“There is surely a word—in German, most likely—that means the state of active non-accomplishment. Not just the failure to reach a specific goal, but ongoing, daily failure with no end in sight. Stunted ambition. Disappointed potential. Frustrated and sad and lonely and hopeless and sick to death of one’s self.”

This essay goes on to aptly describe the writing struggle. Well worth reading.

I loved the story “Last Seen Leaving” by Laura Ellen Scott up at Smokelong Quarterly. Go check it out.

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