first day of summer song

Last year I was traveling with my husband and son in France on the first day of summer. June 21 is more than the summer solstice there, it is the Fête de la MusiqueParis becomes a living, pulsing music box when the sun goes down. Changing the channel is as simple as walking from one street corner to the next. We found a salsa band with people dancing in the street, a deejay playing electronic dance music and a string quartet.  Walk farther still and you can find folk, punk, rock, jazz, rap, and just about anything else imaginable. Driving in most places becomes nearly impossible. The streets are full of people and exploring the scene is really more of letting go, letting yourself be taken with the crowd along a steady stream of bodies. There is a frenzy to the whole affair, a delicious sort of energy that presses between bodies and rides the currents and sound in the still warm evening air. 

So, in the spirit of celebrating music, enjoy the following video of “Wayfaring Stranger.” (It plays a big part in my novel, RIDING THE BLIND).

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