A friend of mine read a story and wrote me a long note with some super smart observations.  This was the most intense analysis of my work I’d ever read. It was amazing and flattering and gave me lots to think about. One of the most interesting comments was about theme. She noted that many of my stories feature characters who feel smothered by their daily existence and are “longing for release.”

It is so true, but I’m not sure I knew how to articulate it in quite that way. I’m playing around with the idea of a novel in stories. I went back and read the two stories I’ve been working on to kick off this collection and sure enough, I find that sense of smothering as a strong line of tension on the page.

What is the most surprising thing you’ve learned about your own writing? Are your characters feeling smothered too?

Photo: eye of einstein

One thought on “Smothering

  1. You mean aside from the guy who handed me a Bible after a writing workshop and said “Clearly, based on your writing, you have a lot of issues and need some guidance”?? Because I'm kind of drawing a blank beyond that one. 🙂


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