The Kindness Project: A Day of Many Acts

These are the cards I’m leaving with my acts of kindness:

I think it helps people to know what the intention of the act is and to encourage them to pass on the kindness to others.

Performing acts of kindness makes me feel very self-conscious. Kindness requires involving others in a way I didn’t quite anticipate.  I need people to facilitate my ideas.  Everyone has gladly helped – the cashier at the drive-thru let me pay for the person behind me in line, the owner of the general store in town was happy to blow up the balloons and wait for children to come in so they could be distributed.  These people and others have become the conduit for the act of kindness.  There is a moment when they look at me and process the request where I see a hint of disbelief. Do they wonder if this is a trick? Or perhaps they are questioning if I’m crazy? These types of random acts of kindness have many layers, and perhaps by seeing this kindness in action, that conduit person will be inspired to do an act of kindness of their own.

Here is a list of the kindness completed so far this week, counting in order after my first act last week:

2. Moved seats at the symphony so a man could sit with his wife and daughter.
3. At the drive-thru, paid for the person’s coffee behind me in line.
4.  Picked up the lunch bill for a couple and their grandson at Friendly’s.
5.  Left a $10 gift card at the pharmacy counter for the next person who picks up a prescription.
6.  Left a bag of chocolate on the chair of the elementary school secretary.
7.  Left a copy of my favorite book “Death Comes for the Archbishop” by Willa Cather on a table at the coffee shop.
8.  Left a note in the women’s restroom that says, “You are Beautiful.”
9.  Gave the librarian at the children’s desk a bag of treats.
10. Purchased 5 helium balloons at the general store for them to distribute to children.
11.  Went in my son’s class to be the “mystery reader” and donated the book I read to the teacher. Gave all the children a small gift.

And finally,  the most visually dramatic one today, #12 – Donated 8 inches of hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. 

My before:

And the after: 

I am one-third of the way to my goal of 36 (my age tomorrow). I performed 8 of these acts this morning before noon, and I have to say that I felt wonderful and energized by the high it gave me. Doing acts of kindness is addictive, give it a try!

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