Well, just when I think I am old hat at the querying process the universe throws me a new one. I checked my spam folder today and found a request for the full manuscript of LOST IN ORDINARY TIME.This request thrills me since it is from an agent who has already read the partial manuscript. … Continue reading Spam


So I had planned out a whimsical, benign post. But honestly, I just don't feel it today.I recently read someone compare the search for an agent to being bipolar. How true. I find myself alternating between feelings of pure confidence and hopefulness to the way down, dark pit of despair. A request has me flying … Continue reading Huh.

Busy in the broken machines and Chinese New Year

I'm still pondering the inaugural poem "Praise Song for the Day" by Elizabeth Alexander. My favorite lines:All about us is noise. All about us isnoise and bramble, thorn and din, eachone of our ancestors on our tongues.Beautiful, distilled truth.Last week proved challenging. Mercury retrograde is to blame, no doubt. The washing machine broke, and the … Continue reading Busy in the broken machines and Chinese New Year