On My Bookshelf: The Book of Questions

I received The Book of Questions by Pablo Neruda (Copper Canyon Press, 2001) for Christmas and started reading this slim volume right away.  Here is the summary from the publisher:In The Book of Questions, Neruda refuses to be corralled by the rational mind. Composed of 316 unanswerable questions, these poems integrate the wonder of a … Continue reading On My Bookshelf: The Book of Questions

wordy wednesday: lugubrious

lu·gu·bri·ousPronunciation:\lu̇-ˈgü-brē-əs also -ˈgyü-\Function: adjectiveEtymology: Latin lugubris, from lugēre to mourn; akin to Greek lygros mournfulDate: 15851: mournful ; especially : exaggeratedly or affectedly mournful2: dismalSource: Merriam Webster's Online DictionaryI'm in love with this word right now - it is a real beauty. Also, I am not too proud to admit that when I first encountered … Continue reading wordy wednesday: lugubrious

wordy wednesday: plethora

Main Entry:pleth·o·ra Pronunciation: \ˈple-thə-rə\ Function:noun Etymology:Medieval Latin, from Greek plēthōra, literally, fullness, from plēthein to be full — more at fullDate:1541 1: a bodily condition characterized by an excess of blood and marked by turgescence and a florid complexion2: excess , superfluity ; also : profusion , abundanceSource: Merriam Webster's Online Dictionary***Okay, so I'm attempting … Continue reading wordy wednesday: plethora

wordy wednesday: De Quervain

Main Entry:de·Quer·vain's disease Pronunciation: \də-(ˌ)kər-ˈvaⁿz-\ Function:noun : inflammation of tendons and their sheaths at the styloid process of the radius that often causes pain in the thumb side of the wrist Quer·vain \ker-vaⁿ\, Fritz de (1868–1940), Swiss physician. The author of a major text on surgery, Quervain was known for his work on the pathology … Continue reading wordy wednesday: De Quervain

wordy wednesday: corpulent

corpulent→ adjective(of a person) fat: a short, somewhat corpulent man.- DERIVATIVES corpulence noun corpulency noun .- ORIGIN late Middle English: from Latin corpulentus, from corpus ‘body’."This Adonis in loveliness was a corpulent man of fifty." - Leigh HuntSource: The Oxford Dictionary of English (revised edition). Ed. Catherine Soanes and Angus Stevenson. Oxford University Press, 2005. … Continue reading wordy wednesday: corpulent