A Common Disaster

When AirJet Flight 83 departs Baltimore and crashes into the Key Bridge only three survivors are pulled from the icy wreckage. Weaving together their stories from the days and decades both before and after the crash into a larger narrative, A Common Disaster examines the pattern of belief evoked by accidents to show how individuals are changed forever by their common experience:

Charlie Truslow’s early loss of his father challenges his notions of hope and belief. As the youngest survivor of the crash, Charlie struggles to build a life that honors those who were lost and make his life feel meaningful.

Estelle Quinlin grew up wanting to define herself beyond her mother’s teenage pregnancy and her small home town, but surviving means accepting a whole new life back at home, learning to use a wheelchair and  dependent upon her mother for care. Estelle’s brain injury makes her unable to remember her fiance Henry but she subconsciously keeps painting his image into all her art works. Now she must contend with the limits of what recovery means.

Alexandra Toselli can trace her superstitious beliefs back to a childhood full of her parent’s violent arguments. When she loses both her infant daughter and her husband in the crash, her superstition grows into an all-consuming force. Alexandra traces back and questions every choice, large and small, that led her to that “lucky” seat on the plane.

Works in Progress

Wonders of the Invisible World – a collection of short stories

The Lost Women Collective – a novel

In the Stars – memoir/non-fiction

An excerpt of this work “Halo” was published in Pidgeonholes.

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