A Common Disaster
A novel-in-stories

When AirJet Flight 83 departs Baltimore and crashes into the Key Bridge only three survivors are pulled from the icy wreckage. Weaving together their stories from the days and decades both before and after the crash into a larger narrative, A Common Disaster examines the pattern of belief evoked by accidents to show how individuals are changed forever by their common experience. 

The Space Between Our Adjacent Hearts
A collection of flash fiction

Three series of connected stories explore the longings of the human heart. Seeking connection and meaning in the natural world is found in the struggle to plant a garden, escape the city, or get rid of a father. A desire to leave behind family and self-destructive patterns to find real love traces along a teenage couple’s shoplifting adventure gone wrong to the weight of superstition on their family. Alternating between yearning for forgiveness and release from grief, is the chronicle of a man’s last days before his suicide and his estranged wife’s requiem letters offered in reply.

Wonders of the Unseen World (In progress)
A collection of short stories

These stories examine what lives in the blurry edges between real and imagined landscapes. From the true origins of a skeleton woman found in a famous cavern to a research expedition seeking an old Norse camp where a fountain of life or death might be found, there are mysteries existing beyond the stories we’ve previously been told. Characters grapple with the ability to vanish objects by painting them, the revelations of a Blue Jay tattoo on a grieving woman’s arm, and one girl’s power to see and manifest an unhappy ghost. Finally, the secrets and lore of place is explored in a New England town’s mysterious lake serpent that reveals old stories of horror hiding in plain sight and how all the statue’s in a Southwestern town wear out their shoes every single night making miracles happen.

The Lost Women: A Novel (In progress)

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